At LX Music School, we provide high quality music instruction to all students regardless of age and playing experience. Everyone is invited to participate in the joy of music.

Our office is located at 57th Street, nearby 8th Avenue in Brooklyn. Our fully equipped music lesson studios are also available at 59th Street and the corner of 86th street and 25th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Let our highly experienced faculty help you to achieve your dream of music world.

Summer lesson is starting, please contact LX Music School at (718) 686-6988 or email to lxmusicschool@gmail.com for more information.

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ConcertCongratulations to all the LXMS students who Participated in Winter camp, and to whom performed in the concert at the beautiful Baryshnikov Arts Center. The concert was an amazing success. Well done to all!

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Hints and Tips

Practice makes perfect.

A regular practice routine and following the teacher's practice time requirements help students learn a musical instrument. Variables include age, level, and instrument. Read more at Suite101: Music Students and Daily Practice Requirements: Regular Practice Routine, Time Commitment Needed for Musical Study.

Student may also rent the music studio at LXMS for practice. Please contact (347) 860-2242 for schedule

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