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About LX Music School

Since our founding in 2006, LX Music School (LXMS) has grown from a small piano instruction studio with a handful students in to a major community music education institute. At present, LXMS offers music instruction to all ages, with focus in all kinds of instruments, piano, violin, vocal, guitar, bass, saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, composition and jazz. High quality music instruction by highly experienced faculty.

Our various special programs offer interesting and unique ways to learn about music in a variety of formats. In fall 2008, we launched several early childhood music program includes MusikGarten, Suzuki Violin Group. In fall 2009, we formed Guitar Ensemble, and later on the Keyboard for Kids. We also start to serve schools with LXMS outreach program in 2009.

LXMS welcomes students from diverse background and cultivates a deep appreciation of music.

The LXMS serves it community through artistic programs and fosters interaction through public performances of its students, faculty, and ensembles.

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